Commercial customer

2ltr semi skimmed milk£1.95
2ltr skimmed milk£1.95
2ltr whole milk£1.95
Apples royal gala£0.30
Babyleaf 125g£1.45
Bananas - hand£1.55
Bananas - individual£0.35
Bananas - Box - see description for typical weight£26.55
Bananas - kg£1.50
Beetroot pkt£0.83
Eggs 30 on a tray - Tray£7.20
Kiwi fruit£0.43
Mange tout 125g£1.68
Mushrooms chestnut - 1kg£5.10
Mushrooms chestnut - 250g£1.30
Mushrooms chestnut - 500g£2.55
Mushrooms flat (box of 12 large)£7.82
Oranges large£0.64
Passion fruit£0.45
Pear - kg£1.95
Pear - individual£0.46
Peashoots with tendrils£2.55
Potatoes - maris piper 25kg sack - Sack£18.25
Potatoes - washed reds (whites currently not acceptable quality) 20kg - Sack£21.60
Potatoes standard (all rounder) - 25kg sack£16.75
Raspberries punnet 125g£3.40
Sugar snap peas 150g£1.45
Tomatoes cherry vine punnet 250g£1.85