Welcome to our click and shop page.

We’re excited to be able to offer this facility to you giving you the chance to order what you’d like in your own time, seeing what we’ve currently got in stock and whether we’ve got something that you think you might like.

We’ve also got our selections section that are designed to give you the chance to save even more time by just clicking on the selection you’d like.  Some don’t come to £20 so you will have to add extra items.

Prices quoted state including VAT.  This is because most food has a zero rate.  Items like fruit juice have standard VAT.


Sprouts now in stock.

Look out for changes to our selection boxes coming soon – more choices, to cut down on the time you take.

1/2pt double cream£1.35
1kg mature cheddar cheese (grated)£7.90
1ltr apple juice£1.26
1ltr cranberry juice£1.50
1ltr grapefruit juice£1.50
1ltr orange juice£1.50
1ltr Pineapple juice£1.50
2ltr semi skimmed milk£1.65
2ltr skimmed milk£1.65
2ltr whole milk£1.65
Apples braeburn£0.30
Apples bramley individual (cooking)£0.70
Apples coxes£0.30
Apples golden delicious£0.35
Apples granny smiths£0.30
Apples mixed - individual£0.30
Apples pink lady£0.50
Apples royal gala£0.25
Asparagus English£4.50
Avocado - Ready to eat£1.25
Avocado - Under-ripe£0.95
Babycorn 80g£1.45
Babyleaf 125g£1.20
Babyleaf 500g£4.10
Bananas - individual£0.26
Bananas - hand£1.50
Bananas - kg£1.25
Bananas - green - hand£1.55
Bananas - green - kg£1.25
Bananas - green - individual£0.27
Basics Selection£6.00
Beans fine beans 150g£1.60
Beetroot pkt£0.70
Beetroot raw£0.35
Bread medium brown 800g£1.30
Bread medium white 800g£1.30
Bread thick brown 800g£1.30
Bread thick white 800g£1.30
Broccoli - individual£1.00
Broccoli - kg£2.40
Butter - salted 250g butter£1.78
Butter - unsalted 250g butter£1.78
Butternut squash - individual£1.40
Butternut squash - kg£1.00
Cabbage cavolo nero£1.60
Cabbage hispi£0.70
Cabbage red£1.55
Cabbage savoy£1.60
Cabbage spring greens£0.95
Cabbage white£1.90
Carrots - kg£1.00
Carrots - individual£0.25
Celeriac - kg£1.35
Celeriac - individual£1.35
Cherries - 500g£3.00
Cherries - 250g£1.50
Cherries - kg£6.00
Chillies green - individual£0.20
Chillies green - kg£8.10
Chillies red - individual£0.20
Chillies red - kg£8.10
Courgettes - individual£0.75
Courgettes - kg£2.50
Curly kale£1.60
Daffodils NOT IN STOCK£0.90
Easy peeling small oranges - kg£2.42
Easy peeling small oranges - individual£0.35
Eggs 30 free range£5.20
Eggs 30 large£4.05
Eggs 30 medium£3.95
Eggs half dozen medium free range£1.10
Exotic fruit selection£20.00
Exotic vegetables selection£15.00
Fruit in a basket selection£15.00
Ginger - 100g£0.50
Ginger - 250g£1.25
Ginger - 500g£2.43
Ginger - 1kg£4.86
Grapefruit - pink/red£0.75
Grapefruit - white£0.65
Grapes green£2.25
Grapes red 500g£2.25
Jacket potatoes£0.40
Kiwi fruit£0.40
Leeks - individual£0.90
Leeks - kg£2.80
Lettuce iceberg£1.90
Lettuce little gem pkt of 2£1.65
Lettuce round£0.95
Mange tout 150g£1.50
Mature cheddar cheese - 250g£2.00
Mature cheddar cheese - 1kg£7.50
Mature cheddar cheese - 500g£3.98
Melon cantaloupe£2.50
Melon galia£2.15
Melon honeydew£2.75
Melon water£4.25
Micro leaves big tasty£2.30
Micro leaves grazer's grab£2.30
Micro leaves summer punnet mix£2.30
Micro leaves super salad mix£2.30
Mushrooms button - 500g£1.45
Mushrooms button - kg£2.90
Mushrooms button - 250g£0.75
Mushrooms closed cup - 500g£1.45
Mushrooms closed cup - 1kg£2.85
Mushrooms closed cup - 250g£0.90
Mushrooms flat (minimum of 5)£2.43
Mustard and cress£0.40
Onions large (Spanish) - individual£0.90
Onions large (Spanish) - individual£0.55
Onions red - individual£0.30
Onions red - kg£1.15
Onions white medium - kg£0.95
Onions white medium - individual£0.30
Oranges - seville£1.85
Oranges large£0.60
Oranges medium£0.36
Pak choi pkt of 2£1.05
Parsley - curly£1.05
Parsley - flat£1.05
Parsnips - kg£1.80
Parsnips - individual£0.55
Passion fruit£0.45
Peaches doughnut NOT IN STOCK
Peaches OUT OF STOCK£0.60
Pear - kg£1.80
Pear - individual£0.35
Peppers green£0.70
Peppers orange£0.65
Peppers red£0.70
Peppers yellow£0.70
Plums - kg£2.25
Plums - individual£0.37
Potatoes - 25kg sack£9.50
Potatoes general purpose (mash, roast, chip) - individual£0.12
Potatoes general purpose (mash, roast, chip) - kg£0.60
Potatoes maris piper (roast, chip) - kg£0.60
Potatoes maris piper (roast, chip) - individual£0.28
Potatoes new kg£1.40
Potatoes red washed kg£0.65
Potatoes salad/ mids - individual£0.25
Potatoes salad/ mids - kg£1.35
Purple sprouting 250g£1.25
Rhubarb - kg£6.30
Rhubarb - individual£0.85
Rocket 100g£1.58
Salad selection£12.50
Shallots - individual£0.20
Shallots - kg£2.50
Shallots (banana) - individual£0.20
Shallots (banana) - kg£2.50
Spinach 200g£1.30
Spring onions£0.70
Sprouts - Season now finished - individual£0.20
Sprouts - Season now finished - kg£1.25
Standard Fruit and Vegetables Selection£25.00
Stir fry mix selection£12.00
Strawberries Cheddar 227g Season finished£2.25
Strawberries Dutch 400g Very expensive - contact office for further details - 250g£3.25
Strawberries Dutch 400g Very expensive - contact office for further details - 400g£4.95
Sugar snap peas£1.50
Swede - individual£0.70
Swede - kg£0.75
Sweet potato - individual£1.25
Sweet potato - kg£1.65
Tenderstem broccoli 200g£2.20
Tomatoes (salad) - kg£2.73
Tomatoes (salad) - individual£0.45
Tomatoes beef£1.40
Tomatoes cherry punnet 250g£1.47
Tomatoes cherry vine punnet 250g£1.30
Tomatoes plum - kg£3.05
Tomatoes plum - individual£0.25
Tomatoes vine - kg£5.00
Turnips - individual£0.40
Turnips - kg£1.50