Apples braeburn£0.30
Apples bramley individual (cooking) NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO SUPPLY£0.55
Apples coxes£0.40
Apples golden delicious£0.40
Apples granny smiths£0.40
Apples mixed - individual£0.35
Apples pink lady£0.45
Apples royal gala£0.30
Avocado - Ready to eat£1.30
Avocado - Under-ripe£1.30
Bananas - hand£1.55
Bananas - individual£0.35
Bananas - Box - see description for typical weight£26.55
Bananas - kg£1.50
Bananas - green - hand£1.50
Bananas - green - kg£1.50
Bananas - green - individual£0.35
Easy peeling small oranges - kg£2.25
Easy peeling small oranges - individual£0.26
Grapefruit - pink/red£0.45
Grapefruit - white£0.65
Grapes green 500g£3.05
Grapes red 500g£3.05
Kiwi fruit£0.43
Melon cantaloupe£2.50
Melon galia£2.50
Melon honeydew£3.30
Melon water£4.75
Nectarines - OUT OF SEASON£0.55
Oranges - seville SEASON NOW FINISHED£1.85
Oranges large£0.64
Oranges medium£0.40
Passion fruit£0.45
Peaches doughnut OUT OF SEASON
Peaches OUT OF SEASON£0.00
Pear - kg£1.95
Pear - individual£0.46
Plums - kg£3.85
Plums - individual£0.40
Raspberries punnet 125g£3.40
Rhubarb 400g - individual£2.75
Rhubarb 400g - kg£7.06
Strawberries 250g Spanish£2.08
Tomatoes (salad) - kg£2.86
Tomatoes (salad) - individual£0.40