2ltr semi skimmed milk£1.95
2ltr skimmed milk£1.95
2ltr whole milk£1.95
2ltr whole milk£1.95
Apples braeburn£0.30
Apples bramley individual (cooking) NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO SUPPLY£0.55
Apples coxes£0.40
Apples golden delicious£0.40
Apples granny smiths£0.40
Apples mixed - individual£0.35
Apples pink lady£0.45
Apples royal gala£0.30
Asparagus English OUT OF SEASON
Asparagus roll£2.70
Avocado - Ready to eat£1.30
Avocado - Under-ripe£1.30
Babycorn 80g£1.25
Babyleaf 125g£1.45
Babyleaf 500g£4.25
Bananas - hand£1.55
Bananas - individual£0.35
Bananas - Box - see description for typical weight£26.55
Bananas - kg£1.50
Bananas - green - hand£1.50
Bananas - green - kg£1.50
Bananas - green - individual£0.35
Beans fine beans 150g£1.25
Beetroot pkt£0.83
Beetroot raw kg£0.85
Bread medium brown 800g£1.50
Bread medium white 800g£1.50
Bread thick brown 800g£1.50
Bread thick white 800g£1.50
Broccoli - expensive this week - individual£1.60
Broccoli - expensive this week - kg£2.30
Butter - salted 250g butter£2.15
Butternut squash - individual£1.95
Cabbage cavolo nero£2.20
Cabbage hispi£1.25
Cabbage red£2.70
Cabbage savoy£1.85
Cabbage spring greens£1.12
Cabbage white SMALL£1.30
Carrots - kg£1.10
Carrots - individual£0.30
Celeriac - kg£1.05
Celeriac - individual£1.10
Chillies green - individual£0.50
Chillies green - kg£6.80
Chillies red - individual£0.50
Chillies red - kg£6.80
Courgettes - individual£0.60
Courgettes - kg£1.95
Curly kale£1.73
Easy peeling small oranges - kg£2.25
Easy peeling small oranges - individual£0.26
Eggs 30 on a tray - Tray£7.20
Eggs half dozen medium£1.47
Fruit and vegetable box - £20 basket£20.00
Fruit and vegetable box - £25 basket£25.00
Fruit and vegetable box - £10 basket£10.00
Fruit and vegetable box - £15 basket£15.00
Fruit in a basket selection (£10 basket in picture) contact us on 01934 621525 if you want this size - £20 basket£20.00
Fruit in a basket selection (£10 basket in picture) contact us on 01934 621525 if you want this size - £25 basket£25.00
Ginger - 100g£0.40
Ginger - 250g£0.85
Ginger - 500g£1.72
Grapefruit - pink/red£0.45
Grapefruit - white£0.65
Grapes green 500g£3.05
Grapes red 500g£3.05
Jacket potatoes large£0.55
Kiwi fruit£0.43
Leeks - kg£1.68
Leeks - individual£0.70
Lettuce iceberg£0.97
Lettuce little gem pkt of 2£0.99
Mange tout 125g£1.68
Melon cantaloupe£2.50
Melon galia£2.50
Melon honeydew£3.30
Melon water£4.75
Mushrooms button - 500g£1.94
Mushrooms button - kg£3.89
Mushrooms button - 250g£0.98
Mushrooms chestnut - 1kg£5.10
Mushrooms chestnut - 250g£1.30
Mushrooms chestnut - 500g£2.55
Mushrooms closed cup - 500g£1.75
Mushrooms closed cup - 1kg£3.40
Mushrooms closed cup - 250g£0.85
Mushrooms flat (box of 12 large)£7.82
Mustard and cress£0.40
Nectarines - OUT OF SEASON£0.55
Onions large (Spanish) - kg£1.30
Onions large (Spanish) - individual£0.90
Onions red large - individual£0.45
Onions red large - kg£1.65
Onions white medium - kg£1.10
Onions white medium - individual£0.30
Oranges - seville SEASON NOW FINISHED£1.85
Oranges large£0.64
Oranges medium£0.40
Pak choi pkt of 2£1.20
Parsley - curly£1.36
Parsley - flat packet£1.35
Parsnips - kg£2.86
Parsnips - individual£0.70
Passion fruit£0.45
Peaches doughnut OUT OF SEASON
Peaches OUT OF SEASON£0.00
Pear - kg£1.95
Pear - individual£0.46
Peashoots with tendrils£2.55
Peppers green£0.98
Peppers orange£1.05
Peppers red£0.98
Peppers yellow£0.98
Plums - kg£3.85
Plums - individual£0.40
Potatoes - maris piper 25kg sack - Sack£18.25
Potatoes - washed reds (whites currently not acceptable quality) 20kg - Sack£21.60
Potatoes general purpose (mash, roast, chip) - individual£0.30
Potatoes general purpose (mash, roast, chip) - kg£0.80
Potatoes maris piper (roast, chip) - kg£0.85
Potatoes maris piper (roast, chip) - individual£0.30
Potatoes new kg OUT OF SEASON£0.00
Potatoes salad/ mids - individual£0.25
Potatoes salad/ mids - kg£1.85
Potatoes standard (all rounder) - 25kg sack£16.75
Purple sprouting 250g - NOT AVAILABLE ON MONDAYS£1.50
Raspberries punnet 125g£3.40
Rhubarb 400g - individual£2.75
Rhubarb 400g - kg£7.06
Rocket 100g£1.89
Shallots - kg£2.30
Shallots - individual£0.35
Shallots (banana) - kg£2.30
Shallots (banana) - individual£0.30
Spinach 200g£1.45
Spring onions 140g£0.65
Sprouts - kg£1.69
Sprouts - individual£0.25
Standard Fruit and Vegetables Selection£25.00
Strawberries 250g Spanish£2.08
Sugar snap peas 150g£1.45
Swede - individual£0.89
Swede - kg£0.89
Sweet potato - individual£1.90
Sweet potato - kg£2.40
Tenderstem broccoli 200g£2.15
Tomatoes (salad) - kg£2.86
Tomatoes (salad) - individual£0.40
Tomatoes beef£0.68
Tomatoes cherry punnet 250g£1.25
Tomatoes cherry vine punnet 250g£1.85
Tomatoes plum kg - kg£3.65
Tomatoes vine kg - kg£2.80
Turnips - kg£2.60
Turnips - individual£0.40
Vegetable box - £20 basket£20.00
Vegetable box - £25 basket£25.00
Vegetable box - £10 basket£10.00
Vegetable box - £15 basket£15.00